More Than 30 Product Design Patents, and Growing

Throughout Integrated Design Systems’ extensive history of more than 35 years of developing leading-edge world-class products, we’ve been fortunate for being recognized with more than 30 product design patents and product development patents.

Many of these patents have been utility and functionality based––for innovative products that range from inventive neck braces to brilliant hydroponic planters to inspired X-ray aiming devices.

Each patent is a testament to our creativity.

A partial list of these patents is shown below. Each is a testament to our creativity, our ingenuity, and our ability to actually translate innovative concepts into realistic design solutions that work seamlessly.

Of course, not every creative solution that we pursue is patented. But when one shows enough merit for individuality and function as our past product design patents and product development patents, we apply for that U.S. Patent recognition.

1 9,486,354 Cervical collar
2 D758,468 Casing for a portable imager
3 D753,478 Clamp
4 D739,224 Clamp
5 D713,039 Receptor holding device
6 D710,502 Receptor holding device
7 D710,501 Receptor holding device
8 D703,327 Receptor holding device
9 D703,326 Receptor holding device
10 D703,325 Receptor holding device
11 D703,324 X-ray aiming device
12 D703,323 Collimator structure
13 D703,322 Collimator
14 D606,778 Desk for children
15 7,494,096 Bag opening support method and device
16 D572,913 Chair for children
17 D566,283 Vein imaging apparatus
18 7,143,778 Chemical feeder
19 6,915,811 Chemical feeder
20 D500,747 Housing for barrier movement controller
21 D500,746 Housing for barrier movement controller
22 6,497,822 Chemical feeder
23 D459,335 Digital voice and handwriting recorder
24 D449,603 Device for recording information
25 D427,692 Plug for reagent package
26 D400,673 Diagnostic analyzer
27 D376,651 Semi-automated urine chemistry instrument
28 D334,237 Dragnostic immunoassay analyzer
29 D328,438 Reflectance meter
30 D293,112 Protocol analyzer
31 D293,110 Protocol/performance analyzer
32 D293,109 Protocol analyzer
33 4,419,842 Hydroponic planter
34 4,362,925 Voting machine