Offering product design services can attract more customers for several reasons.

Single source for design and production: By offering both injection molding and product design services, the molder becomes a one-stop-shop for customers who need both services. This can save customers time and money by eliminating the need to work with multiple vendors.

Improved manufacturability: When a molder offers product design services, they can design parts that are optimized for manufacturability. This can reduce the risk of defects or other quality issues and improve the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Faster time to market: When a molder can handle both design and production, it can reduce the time it takes to get a product to market. This is because there is less time spent on communication and coordination between different vendors.

Greater collaboration: When a molder offers product design services, they can work closely with customers to ensure that parts are designed to meet their exact specifications. This can lead to greater collaboration and better outcomes.

Competitive advantage: By offering product design services, a molder can differentiate themselves from competitors who only offer injection molding services. This can give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace and attract more customers.

Overall, offering product design services can be a valuable addition to an injection molder’s business and can help you attract more customers.

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How do we work together:

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

IP always a major concern for molders since your customers trust you to maintain confidentiality throughout your agreement terms. Integrated Design Systems has maintained an unblemished 40-year history of adhering to our confidentiality commitments. We have earned a reputation for honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, and client commitments. You can be assured that the information you share with us will be safely guarded. Our willingness to sign your non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and clear contractual agreements on IP rights will address these concerns and establish a secure partnership.

Injection Molding Design Expertise

Michael Paloian has designed thousands of injection molded parts throughout his 40+ year career. Since he is personally involved in every project, he can safely guarantee you that a product design will meet all your product specifications and molding requirements. We further guarantee the final production CAD files will satisfy your tooling and processing requirements before release. The result is an increase in your profits and smooth production starts on schedule.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Our designs are optimized for your specific manufacturing requirements because we are your partner. We work with you throughout the design and development process. Your inputs, comments, preferences, and suggestions are all included in the final production design. This close working relationship assures you that the design has been optimized for you and your client’s needs. You can be confident the final design will be easily molded with the right material selection, part geometry, tooling requirements, and production feasibility optimized for the injection molding process. The end result is bigger profits for you and great results for your OEMs.

Quality and Durability

Our designs are optimized for the injection molding process as well as complying with stringent aesthetic and functional requirements. We perform FEA analysis when necessary to assure that the final product will perform in accordance with structural specifications imposed by your customers. In addition, our extensive experience with all the prototyping methods enables us to select the most suitable option and vendor for any given application. All design features are diligently included in a design to optimize structural integrity, material performance, tolerance considerations, and other aspects crucial for achieving desired product quality and durability.

Cost and Efficiency

Our extensive and perfect track record designing thousands of Injection molded parts provides you with the confidence our designs have been optimized for you and your customers. Wall thickness, gate location, draft, shut-offs, radii, and tolerances cite only a few of the many design parameters we carefully specify to minimize production costs while maintaining quality. This attention to detail provides you and your customers with cost-effective, efficient designs and increased productivity.