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  • Analytical & Testing

  • Human Factors

  • Industrial Design

  • Plastic Products

  • Aesthetics & Branding

Our diversity has been a strategic part of our business philosophy. It has enabled us to transfer ideas and technologies across market boundaries.


Our Capabilities

We’re experts in transforming your ideas into realities – a product design firm that takes concepts from napkin sketches to mass production.

We see the possibilities you see and uncover more from the fringes. More importantly, we identify the resources, talents, and skills necessary to bring these ideas to life.

We design not to impress, but to produce a blueprint of your next winning product.

Discover what our New York-based design consultants can do for you.


Most projects require some research; others may need weeks or months.

Concept Development

The next logical step after project research is creating the actual concepts.

Concept Refinement

Selecting the most feasible concepts is often a difficult, hand-wringing choice.

Engineering Development

Partnering with engineering firms minimizes costs and maximizes efficiency.

Production Detailing

We follow a continuous process of detailed checks and balances.

Prototyping & Testing

Rapid prototyping leads to low-cost testing and speed of delivery.

Project Documentation

The devil is in the details and the details of the project are voluminous.

Production Liaison

Our extensive experience provides us with many advantages.

Monkey are funny!

Lions are cool!

Trees are green!

Falcons are fast!