Dos and Don’ts in Product Designing

Innovative minds drive change in the business world. New ideas and new ways to do things push companies to be as efficient and effective as possible. But product designs don’t exist in a vacuum; they have to be implemented into our reality properly. Hiring a product designing company to help you fine-tune your idea can be really helpful, but here are some dos and don’ts to get you started.

DO plan for human factors

When you’re designing your product, just try to keep in mind Murphy’s Law: “If Something Can Go Wrong, It Will Go Wrong.” Remember that you might know your product inside and out and know what not to touch and how to make sure it runs properly, but not everyone who will, hopefully, be using your product knows it with the same intimacy. They’ll be learning. Design your product with a product designing company and they’ll help you make sure that your product has proper instructions, safety aspects, and an appropriate learning curve for inexpert users.

DON’T release too early

Proper research and development of your product is absolutely critical, both in launching a successful product and in any patent certifications. It can be a really good idea to bring on a product designing company to help you because they’ll have the necessary experience in this, but the point is that nobody wants a product that is still buggy or has parts that fail too regularly. Your product needs to be tested under actual site conditions (home, factory, outdoors, whatever environment it is meant to be used in). If it’s only been tested in your specific lab, we don’t really know all of the things that could go wrong. You want your users’ first experiences with your product to be the finished product so you can leave them with a positive experience. Nobody wants to buy the Beta-test version of an important tool.

DO your research

Whether you’ve dreamed up an entirely new product or you’ve designed a more efficient re-design of an existing product, you should do extensive research prior to your product release. Interviewing potential users in their field can be particularly useful because you want your product to succeed with these people. Any product designing company will tell you that this is an integral part of product design, development, and refinement. Your potential users may have valuable ideas as to how to make your product function even better than you’d initially imagined.

DO document everything

Keeping important notes will give you helpful areas to review later, but proper documentation of all testing, development, and even your idea itself can be important data to potential customers in the future, and especially important in securing a patent as well. A product designing company can help.

Being an independent inventor or innovator can seem daunting as there are so many regulations in our modern market that can stop you in your tracks if you’re not ready for it. To get around this, consider a product designing company to help you bring your idea from concept to reality.