Five Common Product Design Mistakes to Avoid

Do you have a product idea that could change the world or industry? Then you will want it to be the absolute best. Here are the top mistakes that people make during product designing and development, and how you can avoid them.

1.  Creating Unbalanced Products

No matter the product, from small solutions to large-scale ones, there are three key factors that need to be considered: aesthetics, performance, and cost. The best products understand the right balance between all three. Products that ultimately fail usually disregard one of these factors. The product may work great and be cost-effective, but it fails to grab attention or work intuitively. You may have something that looks great and works well, but it’s too expensive. Or your product may be easy to use and affordable, but it simply doesn’t do its purpose well. When you are undergoing product design and development, consider its priorities and strive for balance.

2.  Don’t Consider the Customer

We often think of design as purely looks, but it’s so much more. Great design, whether it’s web pages or major manufacturing equipment, must make sense to its users. Too often, product designing and development forget the end-user and fail to catch on because of that. This may be caused by unintuitive design or may result because the product doesn’t look right. Whatever the reason, not considering your customer throughout the design process leads to problems at launch and beyond.

3.  Impossible Deadlines

We live in a fast-paced world, but that doesn’t mean things can be rushed. This is especially true for product design and development. Good products, and every stage of making them, must be done strategically and thoughtfully. To rush any part with impossible deadlines will ruin what rolls out.

4.  Ignoring Market Trends

Your idea may be original today, but will it be ready by launch? You have to pay attention to market trends before making your product. Working with a company that understands every step of product designing and development will help you get a product that is timely and original when it hits the marketplace.

5.  Going Alone

There are entire companies dedicated to product design and development whose expertise is put to good use every day. Yet many product designers prefer to do it all on their own without any professional help. While we all like to believe in the great entrepreneurs who’ve built something by themselves, the truth is that the best in every industry rely on experts. It’s how we collaborate to create something special. If you have a great idea, hiring a company that specializes in product design can only improve on what you have.

Your product has the potential to change how we do things, and IDSYS is here to help. We are experienced in every step of product designing and development, and we want to put that expertise to work for you. We have helped numerous companies take their product from idea to rollout, and we can do the same for you. Contact IDSYS to know more.