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Let’s face it. The virus thing “quarantined” many design projects – gone to the sidelines while the industry struggles to reinvent itself.

Having been in the business for many years, I want to contribute something to help. Let’s schedule a time to talk. Perhaps I can provide a little expert advice about getting traction in a viral-lockdown world. If I can help, I’ll do so gladly. No strings attached.

This is a free, confidential conversation with an award-winning industry leader. Let’s talk about whatever helps. Maybe it’s an upcoming project, work-around solutions, creative inspiration, or ideation and branding. There’s no cost or obligation. Call me at 516-482-2181 or email to

Confidentiality: Any information that you provide will not be shared. And if you would like, you’ll find an Instant Confidentiality Agreement here.

In 1983, Michael Paloian founded Integrated Design Systems – an award winning industrial product design and development firm — where “Innovation Lives Outside the Box.” He and his team have since built an industrial design company, with world-class designs for sophisticated products.

Industrial designer, inventor, artist, lecturer, and educator. Michael holds an undergraduate degree in Plastics Engineering and a Master of Industrial Design. Let’s talk.


The COVID-19 epidemic has many design projects “locked down”—frozen in the headlights of “no progress”…and little or no income. I want to help with expert advice about work-around ideas, creative approaches, material selection or ideation and branding. There’s no cost or obligation.

It’s all confidential, of course, and it’s your opportunity to get expert advice on anything from material selection to ideation and branding. By phone, video conference or email—let’s connect, get acquainted, and get started today.