How to Design Medical Devices that People Actually Want

Designing medical products in a landscape that seems to be full of innovative ideas can be difficult. There is still plenty of room for better functioning, innovative medical design, and you might be the next designer to enhance the lives of countless people.

There are a few things that you should remember when working on your next design. Keep in mind these 5 key characteristics of useful and successful medical device designs:

1)  User-First Approach

Always put the patient first in your medical device. Their safety and health are your number one priority. It also means that you should put yourself in the shoes of someone who might use your design. What is their body type? Are they agile? If your design requires user adjustments, can they make them easily? Is your device easy for a variety of types of people to understand? Will the device be used by a health care professional or a patient?

When working on your medical device design, always come back to the user. Your design should be easy to use and effective. It needs to enhance the user’s life in a significant way.

2)  Life-Changing

There is plenty of room in the market for life-changing medical device designs. Your goal should be to enhance people’s lives. This can be achieved through designing a better way of doing something that is already being done. It can also be achieved by medical device designs that are truly innovative and have yet to be manufactured.

3)  Looks Matter

Even when you are working on medical device designs, looks do matter. Medical devices that are appealing are less intimidating for the patient. Health care professionals want to work with devices that look clean and easy to use. Do not skimp on the aesthetics in your designs.

4)  Extremely Useful

There is no sense in medical device designs that look good and are easy to use, but that do not add anything to the existing market. Your device needs to be an extremely useful tool for patients or healthcare providers. Your design should be something that people need.

5)  Reliable

Your medical device designs must be extremely reliable. They need to work, and they need to work for a long time. They should be durable, accurate, and deliver reliable results.

The best medical device designs are all of these things. They are designed with the end user in mind, they enhance the lives of a variety of people, they look good, they are useful, and they are reliable.

Integrated Design Systems (IDSYS)

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