Injection Molding

Our 40+ years of designing thousands of complex injection molded parts has provided our team with the experience required to design virtually any plastic product for this process. These few examples will demonstrate our understanding of mold design, part design and material selection which are essential for designing successful injection molded parts.

Plastic injection molding is one of the best ways to mass produce plastic parts and products for use. It is one of the most innovative manufacturing techniques available and used throughout the world. Designing for this process, however, takes some specialized skills, which is why many people and companies turn to professionals for help with their design for injection molding.

IDSYS has spent over 40 years helping people and companies bring their products to market through quality and cost-effective injection molding designs. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure their products will be perfect for their vision, whether that is starting a design for injection molding from scratch or working with the client to improve their vision.

If you are looking to use injection molding for your next big idea, IDSYS is here to help ensure it’s the best it can be through our innovative and customer-first approach.

How to Get the Best Design for Injection Molding

Due to the process, which involves injecting melted plastic into customized molds at a very high pressure, the molding is incredibly important. If anything is slightly off, then the end result could be useless or not to a high enough quality. That is why many companies and people are coming to IDSYS for help.

If you are looking at getting the best design for injection molding, then it pays to go with the professionals. At IDSYS, we believe that any product that can benefit from injection molding just needs the right design. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure their designs will not only work, but exceed expectations. Whether the entire product or a single important piece is made with injection molding, our design work ensures that it will be the best it can be.

A Holistic Approach to Injection Molding Design

IDSYS designs injection molding schematics and products every day, but we can consult on more than just the mold design. Our team can help you pick the perfect materials, part design, and more to ensure your product comes out its best.

Material selection is incredibly important for any design project. This is especially true with injection molding products because there are so many types and qualities of plastics. Choosing the wrong material could result in a weak product or cost-prohibitive expenses. But choosing the right one can give you the perfect balance between price and quality. IDSYS will design a mold that works with the right material to help you save money and create the product or part you need.

If your design for injection molding is a part of a whole product, then precise design and specifications are key. IDSYS designs parts with the final product in mind to ensure it all connects and works together. As products become increasingly complex, especially as injection molding technology improves, ensuring every piece is properly designed is key.

Experienced Designers Working for You

IDSYS has spent over 40 years helping companies and people fully realize their concepts and creations. Product design has only become more important in those years and we are proud to partner with people who understand the importance of bringing the right product to market.

Our team has experience creating and improving injection molding designs in almost every industry and for almost any purpose. If you are creating products that require top-quality design for injection molding, then contact IDSYS today. We can help you realize your project and ensure that it arrives on the market on time and ready to take the world by storm.