The Unrelenting Expectation of Excellence in Design

Not long ago, many of us experienced the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Those times were tough for business, and a quick turnaround was nowhere on the horizon.

So, what does a business do when the US economy is in a slump? Maybe you can stop working and live off the government, or you can seek new business opportunities through innovation. Innovation, hopefully, leads to new products, new markets and increased sales. What’s more, innovation can fuel positive change in the best of times.

Innovation starts with an idea that is developed into a successful product by applying good design. Good design—even excellence in design–is essential for any innovative idea to be accepted into a market. At any time, progressive companies, inventors, entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s business leaders can apply their creativity, marketing know-how and technical expertise by introducing new products.

New products are always in demand. Especially if these products offer better performance, lower cost, fewer parts, attractive appearance and/or improved value. Reputable and experienced design firms such as Integrated Design Systems offer innovators their best investment. Final design solutions are always optimized for the specific market and price point.

The return on investment for a well-designed product cannot be underestimated. The best state-of-the-art technology, an unlimited marketing budget, ISO 9000 quality standards and a top-notch staff of employees cannot yield a good product without excellence in design. Inventors, entrepreneurs and businessmen should develop market opportunities with designs that sell. Businessmen should collaborate with creative designers to brainstorm new product ideas ideally suited to their particular market.

Excellence in product design is always in demand

Regardless of the state of the economy, there is a continued demand for thousands of products in all market sectors, including transportation, medical, industrial and consumer products. Companies and purchasers are seeking products that offer value, quality and a better life.

Well-designed products provide a balance of low-cost, functionality, attractive appearance, quality and satisfaction to the buyer. Good designers that understand the market requirements, manufacturing process and functional requirements for a product can readily provide successful design solutions for any viable application.

What’s more, aesthetic considerations such as form, proportion, color and graphics impart consumer desirability to the product. When these factors are creatively integrated with functional considerations such as structural and mechanical requirements, the product is manufactured with market appeal.

Excellence in product design needs to be appreciated and valued as much as any other investment. Unfortunately, there are, surprisingly, thousands of companies that still undervalue the importance of good design. Conversely, companies that do invest in quality design and product branding have benefited with higher profits, higher growth and improved stability in economic downturns.

Good design must be fully integrated with manufacturing, marketing and corporate culture. It should always be included as part of the overall investment in any product, and amortized over its sales during a given period of time.

One should never forget that design does affect sales, quality, productivity and profits. These factors can be easily quantified to determine a reasonable investment for any given application.  If you want to be a market leader and improve your profits, talk to a world-class design firm like Integrated Design Systems before manufacturing your next product.

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