From Idea to Reality: Secrets of Successful Product Design

Designing a well-planned product design and development process that meets market requirements [FIRST OF FOUR SEGMENTS] The product design and development pathway—from concept to completion—is seldom smooth or easy. There are numerous considerations, a diverse body of knowledge and a range of creative skills required to successfully develop a winning new product. This checklist for success is based on more than 35 years of personal experience…and working with many companies, individuals and a range of product markets. The secrets of successful—potentially award-winning—design range from the deceptively simple to highly complex. Interestingly, product design courses are available in many colleges or
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Synergy of industrial design and plastics engineering

Abstract Innovative products are recognized by designs which have creatively applied a new technology or when a common utilitarian product is been reinvented to reenergize its market appeal. This case study will describe the development of a unique medical device based on the interdependency of industrial design and plastics engineering to yield an award-winning design that could only be attained by a comprehensive integration of these two disciplines. Introduction The design evolution and development of a state-of-the-art hand-held hyperspectral imaging camera began with industrial designers working with a small team of highly talented engineers to define the product embodiment. This
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Five Mind-Blowing 2020 Product Design Predictions From 1996 That Actually Came True

The year is 2020. Materials and manufacturing technologies came a long way in the last century, but in the past two decades, the advancements have truly liberated the industrial designer. In particular, there have been significant strides taken in tool making, processing equipment, and high-performance resins. Let’s review the radical developments of the past 25 years and look at four examples of their application. Pressure to decrease tooling lead times inspired companies to experiment with stereolithography technology in mold making. For processing equipment, more design controls and modularity improved quality thermoplastic cyclic polyester reactive resins revolutionized very large low-pressure composite
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