3D Printer (Currently 3D Systems)

Z Corp 250

Industrial designers like those of us at Integrated Design Systems are often challenged to identify an appropriate image for a product. After all, identifying an appropriate character for a product is critical for success in the marketplace. Sometimes, the character for style has already been established and branded by a company. Such is the case for this 3-D printer developed for Z-Corp.

Our primary objective for this project was to design a cost-effective, entry-level, 3-D printer based on Z-Corp’s established style and branded image for their original product. Although the final design was a more contemporary style, it did embrace many of the attributes of the original product. This industrial product design was selected from a number of design options which were presented and evaluated by the marketing team. Numerous important design factors were included in the overall product embodiment, including human factors, manufacturing, materials, structural integrity, and quality. The completed project was a successful, highly desirable, 3-D printer which was introduced as an entry-level product.