3D Replicator (Currently 3D Systems)

Z Corp 650

All great product designs share the same quality: simplicity. Industrial designers must be multi-disciplined, open-minded, and continually educate themselves on emerging technologies, as well as social trends. This fully integrated 3-D replicator developed by Z-Corp was very complicated on many levels. The system was comprised of hundreds of components, required numerous operation sequences, and included many structural elements which are required to comply with stringent quality standards. In addition, our commitment to embodying many of the company’s styling lines in a more contemporary design made this project that much more challenging.

The end result was a highly successful, fully integrated system which was well received by the marketplace. Our complete control of all the external and internal details, as well as our execution of all the engineering details associated with every structurally foam-molded part, assured our client that our proposed vision would be maintained. Industrial design is a seamless process, starting with the germination of an idea and finishing with a highly prized, desirable product which is appreciated by the end-user.