Arthroscope Camera

VisionScope Camera

VisionScope arthroscope camera was developed to enable physicians to perform in-office diagnostic testing of joint pathologies during first office visits, effectively eliminating costs associated with MRIs or other costly imaging procedures.

The arthroscope camera utilized a patented 1.4 mm diameter fiber optic lens, which minimized incision size on patients while reducing pain and discomfort. In addition to the uniquely miniaturized fiber-optic bundle designed by VisionScope, IDS created a sterilized, low-cost, disposable light pipe sheath, which enabled clinicians to perform this procedure with minimal sterilization protocols.

Numerous concepts were presented to our client for evaluation and refinement before file design was selected. Many hours were dedicated to optimizing and defining the operation sequence associated with all the steps required throughout the process. This outline enabled our team to perfect the sheath design based on its packaging, use, and disposal. In addition, numerous concept sketches were developed to explore different design options before the final one was perfected and manufactured. VisionScope’s case studies can be viewed on their website.