Ultrasonic Plaque Remover

Parkell Scaler

The dental product market is a highly competitive and saturated field with hundreds of manufacturers striving to gain market share through innovation, low-cost products and aggressive marketing. Gaining any competitive edge while still remaining profitable is essential for success. A proven means of achieving this objective is with great design.

Integrated Design Systems can be fully credited for developing the look and plastic design of this ultrasonic plaque remover for Parkell. This attractive, fully integrated device was designed to functionally and aesthetically integrate to custom-designed symmetrical blow-molded containers that store mouthwash and disinfectant.

The sophisticated liquid aspirating system was conceived and fully engineered by IDS to automatically siphon these liquids away during dental procedures. The entire design minimized operational steps to perform this procedure, making it convenient for both patients and clinicians.

The design was developed after extensive field test research and studies of existing similar products such as the one shown in this slide presentation. Numerous concept sketches enabled our team to creatively explore a variety of design options which were eventually refined in renderings and submitted to our client for review. The end result was a winner in the marketplace and has enabled Parkell to maintain its position as a leading supplier of innovative dental devices.