Endoscope Camera

Smith & Nephew – 360 Camera

Over 76 million endoscopic and arthroscopic surgical procedures are conducted each year. A critical part of these procedures is the physician’s ability to clearly view internal anatomy from any angle to skillfully complete intricate tissue removal and repair procedures. A miniature high definition handheld endoscope camera is used to acquire these images.

Integrated Design Systems was retained by Smith and Nephew to assist them in designing an ergonomically optimized endoscopic camera which could be repeatedly autoclaved and efficiently manufactured to support the densely assembled set of optoelectronic components.

This project involved an extensive research phase dedicated to documenting an understanding of the entire procedure, as well as designing handgrips for the camera during the process. A number of clay models enabled us to quickly assess comfort dexterity of different forms within the hand. A select number of these concepts were further developed in CAD renderings and eventually, 3-D printed.

The final concept included a fully engineered portal internal components within a hermetically sealed enclosure, designed to withstand hundreds of autoclaves. High-temperature silicone gaskets were specified between mating parts to provide hermetically sealed joints, as well as reinforcing within Smith and Nephews’ product brand as a colored design element. For many years now, this product has been a highly successful addition to their vast array of products.