MRI Scanner

Fonar – Standup MRI

MRI scanners have become an indispensable tool for physicians to view internal organs noninvasively, which, in turn, has revolutionized the medical profession. Dr. Raymond Damadian is the inventor of MRI technology as well as CEO of Fonar. He entrusted Integrated Design Systems with the design of the next generation MRI scanner referred to as the Standup MRI. Our primary objective included the creation of a form which would maximize patient’s peripheral vision to minimize claustrophobia which is typically encountered during first generation MRI scanning technology. In addition, our team was responsible for defining and executing overall appearance, which could be cost-effectively manufactured and easily installed around pre-existing 12-inch-thick steel slabs which comprised the main structure of the MRI scanner. The slides illustrate the final production unit as well as early concepts and making molds of production parts based on resin transfer molding.