Venipuncture Imager


Venipuncture procedures are routine activities in clinics and hospitals. Unfortunately, nurses are often challenged to pinpoint a vein for completing this procedure with minimum discomfort to the patient. The VeinViewer was the first device that enabled nurses or clinicians to quickly and conveniently view subcutaneous veins in real time by projecting an infrared light onto tissue and concurrently projecting visible green light onto the same area to highlight veins within that zone.

Our design team completed extensive human factors and clinical research during the early stages of this project. In addition, we became fully acquainted with the technology and components within the system before proposing viable design concepts. The overall structure was designed for a multitude of patient positions and orientations which required an articulating arm that could be securely positioned at any height.

Integrated Design Systems was responsible for all the mechanical and industrial design for this fully articulating portable scanner. Human factor concepts were evaluated with foam core models and eventually fully functional prototypes. Our team was also involved in prototype refinement, all production part designs for sheet metal and injection molded parts, as well as production liaison.