3D Scanning System

QVI – TurnCheck

QVI’s TurnCheck Shaft 3D Scanning Measurement System is a precision optical instrument designed for calculating shafts and other cylindrical parts. This device was designed for ease of use, consistent accuracy and shop floor conditions.

Integrated Design Systems was retained by QVI to develop a design which would provide them with a memorable and unique brand identity with minimum capital investment. This project included up-front research to gain a full understanding of this instrument’s function, internal components, and structural requirements environments of both use and user interface.

Ranges of motion for all the moving components were plotted to ensure that proposed designs would comply with the instrument’s functional purpose. Numerous concepts were developed after the breadboard prototype was dissected and reconfigured to yield clean, fully integrated, aesthetically attractive design alternatives. The final design has been proven to be extremely successful in increasing sales far beyond the company’s initial forecasts.