Atom Microscope

Bruker AFM System

Medical equipment design and atom microscopes have dramatically improved since their introduction in the 1600s, their magnification levels have always been limited by wavelengths of visible light which have restricted them to approximately 1000x. This limitation does not exist for AFMs which can magnify particles as small as molecules and nanoparticles using a microscopic stylist which will create a 3D image of the object.

Integrated Design Systems’ assignment for this exciting medical device portfolio project was to create a state-of-the-art design for Bruker’s AFM which fully integrated their technology with stringent ergonomic guidelines presented by their Scientific Advisory Board. This unique embodiment for the sophisticated device was designed for ease of use, easy placement within an optical chamber, and as well as establishing a strong brand identity for their product line.

All details were carefully created with repeated refinements to comply with conventional machining and manufacturing practices to yield high-quality parts on a consistent basis. The atom microscope design language is applied to a series of other components within the system as well as an overall acoustic isolation chamber and accompanying workstation shown in their last line of products.