Radiation Detector Device

Canberra Industries InSpector 1000

A radiation detector device is essential equipment for personnel exposed to radioactive materials encountered in a variety of harsh environments and conditions, assuring their safety from excessive exposure to harmful radiation. These detectors are comprised of a handheld scintillator panel electronics module, which includes a battery power source, internal circuitry, display, and keyboard.

This unique design was created for Canberra Industries to provide them with a strong brand identity as well as a highly efficient ergonomically optimized package which complied with stringent performance requirements. The design cleverly integrated the handheld scintillator within a contoured pocket with a secure plastic spring mount. This medical device design was a drastic departure from the more conventional metallic springs typically appended to a box as shown in one of these slides.

Numerous brainstorming sessions and concepts were explored with the Canberra engineering team during the development of this design. Many models were created and refined before arriving at this unique design, which was ultimately engineered to withstand NEMA standards, dust penetration resistance, and the 3-foot drop test. The internal electronics were isolated from the housing with custom- designed elastomeric shock absorbers. We’re proud to say that the InSpector 1000 has now been Canberra’s flagship radiation detector for more than 10 years now.