Optical Measurement System

QVI – ShapeGrabber 360

The ShapeGrabber is an optical measurement system using an automated 3-D scanner designed to measure complex shapes quickly, accurately and efficiently. Integrated Design Systems collaborated with QVI’s engineering team to create an enclosure for the Shapedgrabber, which would visually relate to the TurnCheck, which had similar mechanical functionality but served a completely different purpose.

Medical device design considerations included features for a vertically moving optical scan head and a rotary platen which would support samples to be scanned. Numerous concepts were developed based on different product images, methods of manufacturing, and ergonomic considerations. These concepts were based on a complete tear-down of the mechanical assembly to its basic components and a rebuilding of the entire structure for each concept.

A wide range of ideas was intentionally developed offering QVI a selection of design options based on different investments, images for the product, and unit costs. The final design was selected because of its compliance with functional, economic, and aesthetic benefits, resulting in a highly successful product which has been enthusiastically received by the market.