Vision Measurement

QVI – SmartScope Vantage 300

The SmartScope Vantage 300 is a precision dimensional metrology device, which measures samples with a multitude of probes as well as a state-of-the-art optical system. Samples can be measured with a resolution a small as .05 µm.

Integrated Design Systems collaborated with QVI engineers throughout the development of this vision measurement design to ensure that the selected concept complied with its manufacturing costs, capital investment, product branding, and functional requirements. The design was required to account for numerous moving components along three axes.

The table was designed to move in and out while the camera head would move vertically as well as horizontally, enabling the scanner to resolve multiple geometries and three axes. Foam core models created a study of overall form and ergonomic criteria.

The final selected concept has become the cornerstone of QVI’s product line, which is proven by its consistently high sales and market appeal. The major design challenge for this inspection device was establishing an overall form, which would unify all the components and subsystems into one cohesive image. This objective was achieved by creating an elliptical footprint which was subdivided into smaller subordinate design elements with similar geometries.